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STJ Volleyball Club News

  • 15 Boys qualifies for NATIONALS with a 1st place finish at Can-Am Boys Qualifier in Rochester, NY. Nationals, here we come!! (06/07)
  • 16 Boys finishes out their regular season strong with a 1st place finish at Can-Am Boys Qualifier in Rochester, NY! Next stop, nationals.... (06/07)
  • Boys 16-1 win the silver bracket and come in 5th at BANE to punch themselves a ticket to nationals! Kansas City here we come!
  • Girls 13 Navy comes away with a 1st place finish in their first tournament of the season to qualify for AAU Nationals! Orlando here we come!
  • Girls 16 Navy qualifies for AAU Nationals with a 1st place finish at the St. James Grand Prix! Orlando here we come!
  • 12 Navy gets a BID TO USAV NATIONALS after coming in 1st place at NEQ! (04/04)
  • 12 Navy went undefeated and finished in 1st place at the Irish Rumble! (03/14)
  • Boys 18-1 come in 7th at BANE and qualify for nationals! Kansas City here we come!
  • Girls 18 Navy goes on a hot streak and comes in 2nd place at the St. James Grand Prix!
  • 16 Boys wins the silver bracket at Boys East Coast! (05/31)
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Our Mission

To provide a safe, fun, engaging environment, where our members and athletes can enjoy learning the game of volleyball, working hard with teammates and coaches to create long-lasting relationships. We will always strive to compete at the highest level possible. Our goal is simple; to be the best we possibly can be in competition, on the practice court, and in the community.


We are committed to ensuring that every TSJVBC athlete has a positive experience that fuels his or her love of volleyball and competition. We teach our athletes the game of volleyball including all aspects of skills training, tactical knowledge, match strategies as well as teaching them to be disciplined, train at full effort, be a positive and supportive teammate, push beyond their comfort level and compete with confidence and enthusiasm.

The club will also provide a structure that will facilitate the operation of individual teams in terms of providing practice facilities, equipment, quality coaching, communication and supervision.  We believe all these to be necessary in delivering a safe, competitive volleyball experience for the athletes and their families.

Good Luck Class of 2021

Hannah Livermon- University of Mary Washington

Kayla Gault- Clarkson University 

Jack Lydon- Fairleigh Dickinson University

Austin Scott- North Central College

Kyle Pedrosa- Belmont Abbey College

Toby Clark- Vassar University

Good Luck Class of 2020!

McKinley "Mac" Fornili - Springfield College

Francesco Sani - UC Irvine

Joe Crowder - Marymount University

Luke Morris - Marymount University

Jimmy Galligan - Vanguard University

Blake Rosen - Concordia University Chicago